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15 Feb 2018 07:02

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If you've ever been to Prince George, you have possibly met Mr. PG. He stands eight feet tall, wears a difficult hat, and has a big fat log for a nose. He's the city's mascot and has been standing at the corner of the city's busiest intersection for 30 years. But this week, Mr. PG was taken down. Rebecca spoke to Aiden Kelly, the CEO of Tourism Prince George, to discover out This weekend, skateboarders from around the world will be in Kelowna. The longboarders will compete in the third Skylands Downhill Competition Rebecca Zandbergen met up with organizer Blake Soneff at the top of the course in Glenmore to find out far more.This week, Radio West wine columnist Jeannette Montgomery tackles Bordeaux-style blends. Have the Vancouver Courier delivered to your inbox twice a week! You can contact us or unsubscribe anytime. This week we shine the Radio West spotlight on Sabrina Weeks. She and her band, Swing Cat Bounce, have been performing together for a few years. Here's Rebecca's conversation with Sabrina.Click on the link beneath to hear him speak with Dave about the film. U.S., Canadian and European-based insurance firms hold at least $1.88 billion of investments in the five top quick meals firms, the group reported in Thursday's online concern of the American Journal of Public Wellness.The term ‘breathtaking scenery' took on a entire new which means as I clung to the speedboat that was careering along, seemingly at 90 degrees to the water, in Vancouver's Howe Sound. This week, the spring grizzly bear hunt opens in parts of British Columbia. To mark the occasion, Radio West spent an entire show speaking to folks on all sides of the debate. You can listen to the show here. Click on the hyperlink ( under to hear Claire speak with Dave.60% of individuals told us that this write-up helped them. Mexico's city on the Yucatán Peninsula is a hot spot for vacationers looking the best beach vacation thanks to its position on the Caribbean Sea. You can appreciate an ice cold CocaCola for £1.59. People in Kelowna are nevertheless speaking about this past weekend's annual Across the Lake Swim.1 day, as I sat in Pup's study preparing the memorial service at St. Patrick's Cathedral, the phone rang. A gentle, sandpapery voice came on the line. Nothing beats getting neighborhood meals ideas, especially if they come from Seth Rogen. The latest grisly locate is the 18th given that 2007 and was produced by a man walking his dog in British Columbia on December eight, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.Among August and February, Pup's deterioration continued apace, though he managed to get began on but yet another book, a memoir of his friendship with Ronald Reagan. During these months, I spent as significantly time with him as I could. I had planned to come up to Stamford from Washington the following day when my phone rang at 9:30 the morning of Feb. 27, Conor's 16th birthday. It was Julian, Pup's cook.In the court papers, police describe a household exactly where the house-schooled twins had been isolated from family members members, restricted from touching their parents or siblings and prohibited from using the widespread eating utensils. Click on the hyperlink under to hear Dave speak with organizers Dominic Bradford and Brian Fidler.The countdown to Christmas is on. If you take a drive down Bridgview Road in West Kelowna, you are going to locate possibly the brightest and most festive countdown. Jerry Budnick has been decorating his residence for years. And hyperlink it draws a lot attention - even from American television networks. Rebecca stopped by Jerry's residence and got a tour.Substantial tests of the casing, including a fingerprint check, were reported under way. No specifics have been presented by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. The agency's ballistics specialists have determined that the sniper most probably utilized a higher-energy hunting or military rifle in killing six people and critically wounding two others in six days with single shots from as far as one hundred yards or a lot more.But I soon discovered that the greatest advantage of membership: a a lot more relaxed expertise. Because you've already pre-paid for the year (at a discount), you don't really feel the pressure to check every single.single.issue. out in one go to. And naturally that makes for a better time for the entire Mash the paper. If you have a mortar and pestle (or something equivalent, like the end of a rolling pin and a sturdy bowl) obtainable, you can mash up the paper by hand. Operate a handful at a time, and aim to get the pulp so that it really is similar to the consistency of watery oatmeal.Click on the link beneath to hear Dave speak with Airplay's organization columnist Donna Guzik about the ruling and the impact it could have on organizations and consumers. An additional selection is to start a food co-op with nearby families. You can save money by combining purchases and getting in bulk. See how to start off a meals co‐op for far more information.

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